The Advantages of Long Term Rental

A customized solution for you

With our experienced consultants can receive an offer that meets your needs. Indicating the model of car you prefer and the estimated annual mileage, together we will find the most convenient solution for your car. Our goal is to give you the best possible mobility.

No bureaucracy, just moving

With the long-term rental you can say goodbye to all the difficulties and delays resulting from the purchase of a car! No need to devote time and resources for the management of administrative practices (payment of property tax, insurance offers research, management bills). Simple Hire takes care of everything, leaving only the pleasure of driving and the ability to focus on your core business.

Security is our watchword

By hiring all risks associated with the motor vehicle is transferred to the lessor. Thanks to maintenance programs and replacement of tires provided within the rental fee, the car will always remain perfectly efficient. In addition, in case of accidents or mechanical failure, you will not be compelled to have recourse to your capital.

A rich landmark

With us you will become part of a big family that will follow you for the duration of the contract. You'll always have at your disposal a tutor who will be dedicated to solving any issues relating to the vehicle for hire.

A car always up with the times

With us you will always last generation cars that comply with the latest environmental laws. In this way you will not have any trouble to circulate in urban centers which require traffic jams you will not have to endure further losses in value due to the passage of new anti-pollution regulations.

Economic Benefits

Thanks to agreements with manufacturers, insurance companies and service providers, maintenance and repair, our formula for long term rental allows you to have a great savings compared to the traditional purchase of a vehicle.
Considering temporal perspective of 36 months, you can get an economic benefit of up to 30%. No need to invest your funds or pay interest to finance the purchase of a vehicle.

Renting long term, everything becomes more profitable, easy and secure. You can access a tax regime optimized according to the latest regulations on company vehicles, avoiding costs not deducted economic gains resulting from the resale of the car used. Enterprise mobility will become an investment with cost certainty and predictability.


With the long-term lease also fiscal management of the vehicle becomes easier. In a single monthly bill are all costs related to the car, its maintenance and insurance coverage. There will be no risk of forgetting any cost so you can take advantage of a deduction and a deduction that can reach up to 100%. In addition, unlike the finance lease, the long-term rental allows the deductibility of costs for contracts of less than 48 months, and therefore more freedom to choose the length that suits you best pià. In our tax scale synthesis, indicating the allowances the deductibility deductibility of long-term rental according to the professional category:

Direct tax deductibility Deductibility of VAT
  Vehicles Services Vehicles Services
Shopkeeper art or profession 20% (rental fee for costs only up to € 3,615.20 for not more than one vehicle and with annual comparison)(**) 20% 40%
100% (if for the exclusive use or made ​​available to the employee for consideration)
100% (if for the exclusive use or made ​​available to the employee for consideration)
Enterprises: use only instrumental to the business or commercial areas 100% 100% 100% 100%
Enterprises: use non-instrumental to the business 20% (rental fee for costs only up to € 3,615.20 per annum with comparison) 20% 40%
100% (if demonstrated the exclusive use of corporate)
100% (if demonstrated the exclusive use of corporate)
Companies and operator art or profession: mixed use to employees for most of the tax period 70% 70% 40%
100% (*)
100% (*)
Commercial or representative agent 80% (rental fee for costs only up to € 3,615.20 per annum with comparison) 80% Percentage of actual use Percentage of actual use
(*) This percentage is applied if the fee is charged to the employee an amount at least equal to the fringe benefit.
(**) Only one vehicle in the case of activities carried out individually and a vehicle for each member or associate in the case of activities carried out in a partnership.